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All About Masterplan Finance

Masterplan Finance is a dynamic organisation who create flexible, structured alternative finance solutions focusing on providing premium service to private and corporate clients. we work with our partners to deliver quality service s to our clients which to us are our greatest asset. We are passionate for growing your business and work with fairness and complete transparency in ensuring that all your financing needs are met to your satisfaction.

Here at Masterplan we have an unwavering commitment to do the right thing for our clients, We operate under the highest standards of professional ethics, corporate responsibility and transparency. We are fully committed to fulfilling these core values by providing you with industry-leading services and getting you the right products with a positive attitude.Our funding structures are risk free therefore would be beneficial on the long run.The funding structures that we provide would be beneficial to you as an additional and alternative source of finance by reducing your risk of relying on your bank alone.

Project Finance

At Masterplan we provide funding for turnkey projects and also offer assistance to smaller companies who are passionate about their project and demonstrate an exit strategies. We work with pool of funders and investors to build both capital and equity for both start-up and established businesses.

Masterplan Finance focuses on financing of projects globally in a more creative and innovative way to alienate the rigid traditional banking methods and procedures therefore work with network of finance and investment houses to raising funds for laudable projects. We assist our clients with alternative capital required to initiate and complete projects.

Trade Finance

At Masterplan we provide flexible, secured, structured trade finance solutions. Our major value-add is that we substantially enhance our clients’ working capital profile, enabling them to scale, whilst in full collaboration with existing banking relationships without impeding on the bank’s collateral. We take great care of applying International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) best practice tools and techniques to the benefit of both buyers and sellers when structuring our trade finance solution. We work with our numerous partners to deliver funding facilities range from USD10,0000 to USD20m. We are prompt and are committed to providing adequate funding usually within 6-8 weeks subject to documentation.

Invoice Finance

Invoice financing means you receive an advance on monies accrued from clients against a single or multi invoices from your debtors or suppliers. Masterplan Finance can immediately provide cash solution. We have a dedicated team of experts to help improve your business by injecting cash-flow for day to day operations and to grow your business whether you are a start-up or an established business requiring financing, we have pool of expert on hand to help your new business succeed.By using our invoice financing option, factoring or Invoice discounting, Our lender are available to support businesses across all segments, from start-ups to multi-national corporations with a minimum turnover of £20,000 to £5m once registered with us.

Advance payment typically from 75% to 85% of the total invoice can be received on the same day.


Development finance

As intermediary for provider, Masterplan seek development projects requiring finance for land acquisition or construction. Our primary focus is in the housing, hotel, retail and mixed-use sectors for developments seeking finance. We have a flexible rather than restrictive approach with assessment based on overall merit be it private or PPP (public private partnership) or individual projects. Our terms are highly competitive amounts ranges from 200,000 up to 5million can be arranged.

Currency Transfer

We can also provide international funding in various currencies against export invoices in many selected markets

Asset Finance

Most businesses these day uses some form of asset such as machinery or technology to deliver products or services to their customers. Masterplan through its alternative funding structure can assist your business providing you a working capital to support your business needs. With Asset finance facilities you are secured with funding to grow or refinance your existing assets therefore more capital to reinvest.

Asset Investment

As a company, we are very creative and always bringing new ideas for our investors ensuring that maximum returns on investment are realised. We add value and constantly proffering investment strategies for our investors making sure that they have security and creating more wealth.

Financial Partners

Masterplan work with pool of lenders with years of experience in the industries specialising in most complex and difficult cases. We have over 70 lenders on our panel

…by experienced, expert lenders who share your vision

Many of the people we can introduce you to will be lending their own money – often they’ll also be highly successful and experienced entrepreneurs from your own field; people who fully understand your project’s potential, see all the angles and share your vision. Plus, free from the rigid mindset, parameters and loan-to-value rules of the banks, they can do deals that banks can’t!

What loans are available?

From bridges on commercial or semi-commercial property loans secured on land and/or property and bridge to let loans, cross-charging arrangements to bridging loans for credit repair, refinancing or auction bridging, businessagent.com offers impartial advice free of charge on the whole bridging loan and property development finance market – across the alternative and traditional sectors.

With our complete market overview, businessagent.com can introduce you to provider of a huge range of Bridging Loan products, including but not limited to:

Bridging Loans for Property Refurbishment

Very often when you invest in a Buy To Let property, especially at auction, it will need some degree of refurbishment. Whether because the property doesn’t meet Buy to Let finance requirements or because it needs work before it’s fit for renting, a bridging loan is an ideal way ensuring returns on your investment as speedily as possible.


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Bridging Loans for Residential and Commercial Property Development

Whether for a ground-up new build or a conversion we can advise on the right source of finance from concept to completion, including the initial land purchase and the pre-agreed staged release of funds as your project proceeds.

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Bridging Loans for Commercial Property Purchase

Offices, shops, warehouses or land, we can source load finance secured on the property you already own or that you plan to purchase – and that could be for any purpose at all, such as a boost to cashflow, settling a challenging VAT bill or perhaps re-equipping the business.

Second-Charge Bridging Finance

Already have a mortgage on your property? The beauty of the alternative finance market is that it may be possible to arrange a second-charge bridging loan for all of the purposes listed here even if you’re in arrears on your primary mortgage.

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Cash Release Bridging Loans

Unfettered by the traditional finance market’s restrictions such as rigid loan-to-value ratios, the alternative market can help you turn the equity in your property to cash – and it can do so with the speed you need. In many cases loan-to-value of up to 80% or even non-status loans are possible.

Case Study 4

Bridging Loans for Property Development Refinancing

Completed one project and impatient to get on with the next? If you can’t wait to realise the profits on your latest development, we can help you source a bridging loan secured on the completed property to free that capital for investment in your new development.

Case Study 5

Bridging Loans for Property Buyers at Auction

Without a bridging loan facility (or a considerable sum in cash) it’s almost impossible to buy at auction because you can’t arrange a conventional mortgage within the 21 days win which you’re required to compete the purchase. Business Agent can put you in touch with the right provider so that you can bid on auction property with confidence.

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Bridging Loans for Land Purchase

Business Agent can source bridging loan finance for the purchase of agricultural or commercial land, with or without planning permission.

Buy to Let Mortgages

If you are looking for a loan in order to purchase an investment property, or refinance a residential property, to be let to tenants rather than to be lived in by yourself, we can help. This normally requires a larger deposit than a standard residential mortgage, as the maximum you can borrow is 80-85% loan to value (LTV). Whether you are looking for an interest only or repayment buy-to-let mortgage you will discuss with us in our consultation whereby the fine print of such a transaction will be explained from A-Z.

Commercial Mortgages

You might be looking for a loan secured on a property that is not your residence, such as an owner occupier mortgage for trading premises or a commercial investment mortgage for investment purposes in commercial property. Rates for these loans are specific to experience, industry sector, track record and the performance of your business or the business you are considering.

We have unique relationships with our 100+ lenders to deliver specialised, cost-efficient performance to you and your business and to enhance the portfolios of private individuals.

Apart from high street banks, there are many other private lenders with an appetite for lending which offer competitive rates. Even if you or your business has been rejected for a loan by a bank, we may be able to find you another lender or product which matches your needs. I will publish posts here on order my essay write nonfiction now

Each application receives a thorough analysis in terms of what might be the best option for you or your business specifically, taking into account past financial history and importantly you or your business’s long-term goals.

Whether you are an experienced investor or new to taking out a loan, we ensure transparency throughout the entire process, which includes answering any questions you may have, explaining the products in detail and the financials behind each option available to you.

Here are just some of our trusted lenders we compare for you to find you a tailored solution…


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